Bobcat IDEA

The IDEA Center

The IDEA Center provides all undergraduates with opportunities to engage in research and creative expression in any field of study. Come see what you can accomplish!

The IDEA Center is open!

Come by our office in Alkek 133A and see what we can do! Attend one of our workshops, or just drop by to chat about research/creative expression and how you can participate! 

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What is Bobcat IDEA?

As part of the university's most recent Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), Bobcat IDEA  supports and promotes undergraduate research and creative expression. Innovation, Discovery, Exploration, and Analysis (IDEA), the theme of the current QEP, includes three interrelated goals: assisting undergraduates in gaining awareness of research and ethical research practices; helping undergraduates synthesize current research on a topic they're interested in; and enabling undergraduates to produce a research or creative project.

As the office which implements Bobcat IDEA, The IDEA Center helps coordinate and promote the QEP's three goals.

What are the benefits of engaging in undergraduate research?

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